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Bible Journaling Adventure

What’s the Nationwide Illustrating Bible Adventure ?

Do you remember the Flat Stanley Project? Where students would color a cut-out of Stanley and send him across the Nation on a tour with friends or relatives. The person receiving the Flat Stanley would take a picture with the cut-out doll and then send him back to the student, recounting Flat Stanley’s adventures along with the accompanying photo.

We are doing a similar project with the new NIV Illustrating Bible from DaySpring (preorder the new Illustrating Bible and receive $75.00 FREE Bible Journaling Supplies). Much like the Flat Stanley Project, this tour is going to be exciting, fun and bring lots of joy. What makes it more exciting than Flat Stanley is that we’ve add the element of bringing in Jesus! Starting in September 2020, our Bible will begin it’s adventure with the goal of every page being prayed over and designed by all of you. 

Here’s the deal: 

#1. Receive:  Bible arrives at your place
#2. Create: Design the page or pages of your choice. (No more than 2)
Take a picture of your pages and post on the Nationwide Illustrating Bible Adventure Facebook page. 
#3. Send Out: Pack the Bible in the original box and shipping container, then ship by MEDIA MAIL ($4-$6) to the next person on the list! 

***In order for the Bible to fit in the box, we are asking you to NOT include Tabs/Clips, Bulky Stickers, Mod Podge or Tip- ins. 

As a participant in the Nationwide Illustrating Bible Adventure, I promise to abide by the following procedures:

1. I understand that The Illustrating Bible is not my personal property.
2. The Bible is to remain in my custody for NO MORE THAN 4 DAYS. (Day 1: Receive, Day 2/3: Create, Day 4: Send Out)
3. Mod-Podge (or similar products) will NOT be used within the pages of this Bible. Any wet mediums (ie. paint, stamp ink, adhesive etc) should not bleed through the pages and should be completely dry before the Bible is closed and shipped.
4. All entries must remain within the borders of the page. (ie- no tabs, paper/binder clips, bows or overhanging pieces)
5. After I have completed a page entry, I will post my picture,  name and location on the Nationwide Illustrating Bible Adventure Facebook page. 
6. The shipping box is to be reused for each trip of the Bible. It should be opened and re-sealed with care. Post Office labels will cover the previous labels.
7. If I am ever unable to complete the 3 step process, I will notify The Illustrated Bible Adventure team prior to receiving the Bible.
8. No bookmarks, pocket pages, or tip-ins will be added.
9. Entries should be as flat as possible (remember Flat Stanley). Foam tape, pop-up dots should not be used, if possible.
10. All parts of an entry should be secured to the page with no loose parts/piece

Count me in! Here's my information to participate:

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